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CDC Janitorial represents the following manufacturers:


3M– Hand pads, mats, aerosols and tapes
Acme United– First aid kits, scissors
Air Spencer USA – Pod system
Amrep/Misty– Aerosols and liquid chemicals
Armor All/Clorox– Armor All, Quicksilver
The Andersen Company – Entrance mats and anti-fatigue matting
Avery– Marks-A-Lot
Barricks manufacturing– Folding tables
Bevis Custom Furniture– Folding tables
Bobrick Washroom– Dispensers and hand dryers
Bravo Aerosols– Aerosols and metered air fresheners
Bunn-O-Matic Corp– Coffee makers
Cabot– Glasses, earplugs, masks
Carlisle – Food service products
Certron Corp– Videocassettes
Choice Products – Food Service, Disposables, Janitorial, Paper
Clorox Professional– 409, Pine Sol, Tilex Soft Scrub, Black Flag
Colgate/Palmolive– Ajax, Palmolive, Softsoap
Cramer– Ladders
Davidson Ladder– Wood, aluminum and fiberglass ladders
DermaBrand– Soaps
Dial Professional– Liquid Dial and Dial bar soap, Boraxo powder
Diversey Lever– Laundry and liquid dish soap
Diversified Hospitality Solutions, Ltd.– Hospitality amenities
Dixie Food Service– Disposable plates, cups, utensils
Dow/Peladow– Ice melter
Duracell Products– Batteries, flashlights
Duster Cats– Lambswool dusters
Dymon– Scrubs (disposable cleaning towels)
Eagle Air Mover– Air mover
Eco-Products – Food service supplier
Eldon– Beverage stations
Eureka/Sanitaire– Vacuums
Flo-Pac– Brushes
Franklin– Floor/carpet care chemicals
Fresh Deodorants– Para and liquid deodorants
Galaxy Gloves– Latex, vinyl, poly and leather work gloves
General Binding Corp– Paper shredders
General Electric– Light bulbs
Georgia Pacific - Tissue, towels, wipers, napkins and dispensers
Gojo– Soaps and dispensers
Greatneck– Tool kits
Hoover Vacuums– Vacuums
Hospital Specialty– Tampax, Maxithins, receptacles and vendors
Hunt Manufacturing– Utility knives
Ice Fighter Plus – Ice Melters
IFC Disposables– Wipers
IMC/Safe Step– Ice melter
Impact – Eye protection
Insulair – Insulated paper cups
International Steel Wool– Hand and floor wool pads
Jaguar Plastics– Can liners
Janisource– Lava, Endust, Lift-off, Ty-D-Bol
Johnson & Johnson– First aid kits, bandages
Kidde– Fire extinguishers
Kimberly-Clark – Paper products
Krystal Restroom– Para and non-para deodorants and toilet seat covers
Kutol – Skin care dispensing systems
Lagasse Brooms– Natural fiber and plastic brooms
Lagasse Cleaning Accessories– Sprayers, pumps and sponges
Lagasse Mop Products– Mop heads, dust heads, frames and handles
Mesa Chemical– Car wash and commercial laundry products
MotorScrubber – Battery powered cleaning machine
Mr. Coffee Inc.– Swiss Miss cocoa, sugar, creamer and coffee makers
Murphy’s Oil– Oil soap
Office Impressions– Storage cabinets
Patton– Fans
Pitt Plastics – Can liners
Polaroid Corp– Cameras and film
Premiere Pads– Floor and hand pads
Procter & Gample– Comet, Tide, Joy, Bounty and Charmin
ProLine Brush– Floor, deck, bowl and counter brushes
Pullman Holt– Floor equipment (burnishers, polishers and extractors)
Purex– Hotel Brillo, Shakedown, Kurly Kate
Quartet Manufacturing– Signage
Reckitt & Colman– Lysol, Easy-Off, Brasso, Resolve
RL Flomaster– Tank sprayers
R&B Wire Products, Inc. – Wire Products
Roses Southwest Papers, Inc. – Paper Products
Rubbermaid Commercial – Sanitary and food service
Rubbermaid Home Products– Sheds, cabinets and shelving
Safeskin– Latex gloves
Safco Products– Shipping cartons, back supports and hand trucks
Samsonite Furniture– Folding chairs
Sanford– Markers
San Jamar Dispenser– Tissue, towel and cup dispensers
Seth Thomas– Wall clocks
Seymour– Snow shovels
Sheila Sine– Stainless steel cleaner/polish
Simple Green– All purpose cleaner
SL Waber– Extension cords
Spartan Chemical Company – Commercial and industrial cleaning, janitorial, sanitation
Square Scrub – Floor Machines
Stanley/Bostitch– Utility knives and tape measures
Supreme– Light bulbs
Solo Cup – Food service
Tennsco– Shelving
Time Mist/Waterbury– Metered aerosols/dispensers and Ozium
Tucel – Brushes and brooms
Unger – Cleaning tools and extension poles
United– Caution tape
United Receptacle– Waste receptacles
Universal– Tape, stretch film, surge protectors and chair mats
U.S. Pumice– Pumice bars
VAC Carpet Magnet– Carpet magnets
WD40– Lubricant
Weaver Popcorn Co. – Gourmet Popcorn
Wegbreit Group – Hotel Room Amenities
Windsoft– Paper, tissue and towels
Windsor– Floor cleaning equipment
White/Mipro– Buckets, wringers, plastic handles and dust pans



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